Solax Power PV Installation by Alltech Solar in Glasgow

Posted 30/05/2024 14:24:43

A domestic client just had a Solax Power PV installation by Alltech in Glasgow.

This is the fourth generation of SolaX Hybrid/AC Charge controller inverters to be released into the market, retaining all the key features of the 3rd generation ranges whilst incorporating some new and welcome enhancements.

Some additional features of the G4 range include;

Supports up to 150% Oversizing The new G4 range allows for greater oversizing in comparison to previous generations meaning you can maximise the amount of connected PV ensuring the system is always producing the maximum amount.

High reliability Performs well in harsh environments -Passed the HALT test -Tested to extreme high and low temperatures -Salt spray tested -Aging test with full working load

30 Min installation Faster and easier installation reduces the time spent on site

Fast Charging speeds The G4 range can almost fully charge the tripe power battery in ONE hour. With the shorter charging time you can store more energy inside the same time period.

Element protection Can work at full load under extremely cold temperatures of down to -30C